Singles Guide

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The Mana Shop mainly sells standard legal cards but has a selection of cards from throughout Magic history. By clicking on the Singles category, a list of all Magic sets is revealed. Once a set is picked, the cards are displayed by collector's number and a menu on the left (under the Catalog title)  can be used to filter the cards by availability, price, rarity, color, expansion set and card type. Some of these filters are only available for newer sets.

On every card page there are three attributes on the right: Language, Condition and Foil. Language corresponds to the language of the card, condition is the grading condition of the card and finally foil determines if the card is a premium or not. Foil cards are now placed in a different product page (since Aether Revolt) with the suffix "- Foil" added to the card name. The default combination of attributes is usually "English / Near Mint - Mint / No", but it is not always the case, please be careful when adding the card to the cart. If an attribute has no other options than the selected one, it means that we currently don't have the card available with other options for this attribute.

Please note that, despite our best effort, some of our prices might not be updated. If you find a card that is too expensive compared to the current market, please send us a message and we will update its price. Singles orders are longer to process than sealed products and for large cards orders it may take one additional day to ship the order.


We now have a dynamic buylist ! Please check to see all the cards we are currently buying. 

The current buylist is still under construction and we are constantly improving it. You can now place orders directly from the buylist! No account is required, you can simply give your payment details during the checkout process.

Card Order

We can order any card that we currently don't have listed or not in stock. If you are interested, just send us an email with the list of cards, please specify the desired language and expansion. We will send you back an offer with the price of all the cards. Card orders usually take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive.

Since card orders are custom made, they can't be canceled once you have accepted our offer.