When will I receive my preorder?

Preorders are generally set to ship out on the official release date (subject to delivery from our suppliers). However, when possible, we will ship preorders so that they arrive on the official release date (orders with priority shipping only!); please note that there is no guarantee that we will be able to do so because we usually receive products only one day before the release date and there are often delays during transit from the suppliers. In order to increase our shipping efficiency during the release, we will process orders containing only releasing products first. The other orders will then be processed in the order we received them, first the ones with priority shipping then economy.

Is it possible to order other items with my preorder?

Yes, but the order will not be shipped before the official release of the preorder products. If you want to receive the other items before, please place two separate orders. Furthermore, orders containing only releasing products will be shipped first.

Can I add products to my preorder?

Yes, it is possible to add products until two days before the official release date. Make another order and specify in the message area the number of the preorder to group the new order to.

When should I pay my preorder?

Preorders must be paid immediatly like regular orders.

Can I cancel my preorder?

Preorders are final, it is not possible to cancel a preorder, because we plan our own orders based on the preorders we receive.

Am I guaranteed to receive my pre-order?

We do our best to secure all the articles we offer in pre-order and we only offer articles we have already in pre-order at the suppliers. Unfortunately, we are ultimately reliant on our suppliers for the delivery of the articles in question and thus we cannot guarantee that we will able to deliver your pre-order. This means that in the unfortunate event that we do not receive enough products to cover your pre-order it might get cancelled or only partially fulfilled. 

What happens if my preorder contains articles from multiple releases with different release dates?

If your preorder contains articles releasing at different dates, we will apply the following logic:

Is the total price of the available articles over CHF 200.- ?

  • No -> No partial delivery
  • Yes -> Is the total price of the remaining articles over CHF 200.- ?
    • No -> No partial delivery
    • Yes -> Free partial delivery

Here is an example :

You placed a preorder for a total of CHF 700.- split over 4 different releases:

  • CHF 200.- for release one -> Free partial delivery
  • CHF 200.- for release two -> Free partial delivery
  • CHF 200.- for release three -> No partial delivery because the total price of the remaining articles is under CHF 200.-
  • CHF 100.- for release four -> All articles from releases three and four are now shipped together

You can request a partial delivery to be added to your order for a flat CHF 8.- shipping fee. The partial delivery will be executed during the release of your choice. If you want all the articles to be shipped together regardless of their release date, please add a comment to your order specifying it.